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Newbold House

Newbold House is a beautifully maintained Victorian mansion in the north-east of Scotland, dedicated to wellbeing. 

Whether you need to drop into an armchair, have a tea by the woodstove, try an organic cookery course or nibble home-made biscuits out by our woodland grove fire, we can offer the perfect space to take a breath. 

We are a transformative retreat space and workshop venue with our own range of excellent educational courses about living sustainably, personal evolution and nature connection.

Run by a community dedicated to living lightly on the land - our intention is to make the best use of natural resources as possible and to provide a space for people to take a moment out of a busy life and reconnect with nature and themselves. Feel nurtured and rejuvenated by staying in our peaceful home embraced by magical woodland and set within the original Victorian garden. Our fantastic chef will ensure you eat creatively prepared, locally sourced organic food, much of it home grown. All that's left for you to do is rest and rejuvenate mind body and spirit. For our full online program of workshops and courses see our calendar of events.

Newbold House is Looking for a New Head Chef*

* Note: the term chef isn’t exactly appropriate for our situation, since it doesn’t include the stress or competition found in most restaurants. Perhaps the best way to describe what we are looking for is a creative and managerial director for our food department. In common with some of the best chefs, however, we are looking for a person with the passion to develop and explore cuisine. In the same vein, you have to enjoy teaching, cooking and promoting good nutrition, as these are integral to our mission.

About Us: 

Newbold is a stunning Victorian mansion house with lovely gardens in Forres. For the past 33 years it has been home to an intentional community and charitable trust. We are a residential community and a member run social enterprise. Our core businesses are hospitality and education. As ‘The Home of Natural Wellbeing’ we begin by developing a sustainable and rewarding lifestyle right here, to share with our guests. Our workshops, courses, and retreats are all designed to support the health and wellbeing of individuals, communities and the land.

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